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 Conn-Area Catholic FAQs

Just a few brief frequently asked questions and answers about our school community. If you have a question that you don't see listed, please don't hesitate to contact our school office at 724-628-5090.


After I apply for admission, how quickly will I hear that my child is accepted for admission?

Parents will receive a Welcome letter in the mail at the end of April.

​Do I have to apply for admission in order to receive a Financial Aid award?

Yes, you must complete the entire registration process before financial aid will be awarded?

The admission steps are:

1.) Complete the Admission Application
2.) Submit a non-refundable tuition application registration fee of $100.
3.) Apply for financial aid through FACTS Grand & Aid if desired; otherwise complete a "Tuition Assistance Waiver" form. You must submit the required tax documentation by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Service with your financial aid application.

Do I have to be Catholic to send my child to Conn-Area Catholic School?

No; Conn-Area Catholic School accepts students of all faiths. In addition, all students are eligible to apply for financial aid regardless of faith.

​Does Conn-Area Catholic School accept transfer students in all grades?

Yes; Conn-Area Catholic School accepts transfer students for all grades. Conn-Area Catholic School also offers our transfer students going into first through sixth grades the option to receive the Bishop's Tuition Transfer Grant (BTTG). BTTG is not "need based" and no financial aid application is required. Please inquire with the school for the guidelines and exclusions governing the BTTG.

How do I begin the application for admission process?

The student admission process begins with scheduling a visit, interview, and tour for the student and parents with our principal, Cecilia Solan. Call 724-628-5090, or email csolan@connareacatholic.org.

How do I pay my tuition?

Please review the Diocesan Tuition Policy for information about tuition payment options.