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 Conn-Area Catholic School: "Centered in Christ"

​Conn-Area Catholic School has seen a steady increase in enrollment from its lowest recorded enrollment number of 92 to our current enrollment of 164. Why is this happening at a time when many diocesan schools across the country are seeing a continual decline in enrollment? Perhaps parents want more for their children.

 Mission Statement

​Our school aims to bring students into a greater relationship with God and to help children discover what God's purpose is for them.

 Vision Statement

​Conn-Area Catholic School hopes to expose more children to our program by expanding our facilities, as more and more prospective parents are discovering what the school has to offer. With the expansion of our facilities, the programming has greater possibilities, as well.

 History of the Organization

​Conn-Area Catholic School opened its doors over 100 years ago to Catholic students in the Connellsville area. Today, the school services students from Fayette and Westmoreland counties, bringing children in from seven different school districts. It has a great tradition of a family atmosphere. The school has most recently seen a great influx in the number of non-Catholic students, for various reasons, but most common reasons are the school's programs and friendly atmosphere.

 Explanation of Our Programs and Services

​Our school programs include an outstanding Performing Arts Club, excellent Instrumental program, STREAM education that teaches our young students to design and build projects utilizing their critical thinking skills. Our technology instruction begins in kindergarten and prepares our 'graduating' students for their studies in junior and senior high school. The children engage in writing across the curriculum and so much more. Services include Early Morning Drop-Off and After School Care for our working parents. Communication is a strong focus for keeping our stakeholders informed and involved.

 Staffing and Governance

​Conn-Area Catholic School is a parish school of the Partner Parishes of the Connellsville Catholic Churches and of St. Aloysius Parish in Dunbar. We have an Advisory Board comprised of our priests, parents, and community members, all with a great commitment for the success of the school. Our faculty consists of 10 fulltime teachers, three teacher aides, and three administrative staff members. Together, we provide an excellent environment for the children entrusted to our care.

 Statement and Explanation of Community Need

​Conn-Area Catholic School is located in an area where a number of the surrounding public schools have received "failing" status based on the Pennsylvania State Standard Assessments. There have also been a number of transferring students due to bullying issues at those schools. Our school provides an alternative for those parents seeking a different atmosphere.

Parents also want to see their children actively involved in their education. The opportunities provided at Conn-Area Catholic School satisfy this desire. Furthermore, the environment is welcoming. Parents feel they are a welcome partner in their child's education. As more and more parents are spreading the good news about our school, we find a greater need for expanding the facilities.

 Response to the Problem

​The increase in enrollment has been occurring over the past six years. It is no accident that each year our enrollment goes up. It is the result of happy parents talking up and promoting the school. With this, most grades are on the borderline of expanding into two classrooms. We cannot turn anyone away; our school affects the life of each child and God sends them here for a reason. Our students also feed into the Geibel Catholic Junior-Senior High School. The more children we bring into our school, the greater the impact we have on the community.

Therefore, we need to look into the possibility of expanding our physical structure so as to keep our program effective and attractive.

 Financial Need and Budget

​While the increase in enrollment has had a positive impact on our school's revenue, the need for expansion also means greater expenses. To add six additional classrooms and two restrooms, the expense could reach as much as $2 million. We need to accomplish this now to avoid taking space away that is utilized for our special programming. We cannot afford to disappoint our families.

 Means of Support

​In order to see our vision succeed, our greatest need is the capital necessary to fund the expansion of the building. We hope you will consider donating to this goal of $2 million However, if you would rather see your support go directly to a child's tuition, this will also impact our school's mission and would be greatly appreciated. It is through the partnerships of all those who believe in Catholic education that we can make this dream a reality.