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 Uniform Policy

Research shows that the teaching/learning process is enhanced in a structured environment. A dress code plays a significant influence in this environment. It is imperative that students adhere to the dress code to the detail.

When one person decides this "little" difference will not make a difference, the next person' difference is a little bigger, and so forth. We are not trying to be difficult; we are trying to be fair.

Conn-Area Catholic School maintains four "dress code" policy designations: Regular Uniform Day, Formal Attire Day, Gym Uniform Day, and Dress Down Day. Each code carries its own set of requirements, Please pay close attention to the details.​

Please be sure to check the uniform policy prior to purchasing school clothes for your children. We cannot make exceptions to the policy without good cause.

Thank you for your support in having your child adhere to the uniform policy.

View the 2017-18 Uniform Policy and Additional Requirements packet or the School Forms page for photos of acceptable and unacceptable uniform items, order forms, a uniform checklist, and more.

 Extended Dress Code: School Events

​Students may be required to adhere to the school dress code during school related events that do not occur during regular school hours. Students are expected to follow the dress code at school sponsored events if they are active participants in the event. For instance, a student who is participating in a prayer service at a PTG meeting must follow the determined dress code for the event. If the student attending the PTG meeting is not a part of the prayer service, he or she need not follow the school requirements. The administration will determine what constitutes an "active member."

 Dress Code Violations

​In the event that a student is in violation of the dress code, they will receive a "Dress Code Violation" notice. This notice requires a parent's signature. If a child fails to obtain the parent signature, or does not return the form the next day, the child will lose a recess. After a child's third dress code violation, the child will lose a "Dress Down Day" privilege. If the violations continue in excess, the child will sit in the office until the parents bring him or her a change of clothes. A BOLD violation may also require them to need a change of clothes, even before the third violation, if it is deemed necessary.

 Ordering Your Uniform

​The following uniform suppliers have been approved by the school:

View the School Forms page for more information on how to order uniforms from the approved companies.